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Professor Angus Clarke

Professor Angus Clarke

Clinical Professor

School of Medicine

+44 (0)29 2074 2577 or +44 (0)29 2074 4051
Institute Of Medical Genetics
Media commentator

I am a clinical geneticist working both as professor in the Division of Cancer & Genetics (50%) and as (honorary) consultant in the All Wales Medical Genetcs Service (50%).

My academic work is divided between research, teaching and scholarship. I have research interests in a few specific genetic disorders (especially Rett syndrome and ectodermal dyslasia) and in the genetic counselling process more generally, examining interactions in clinic, processes of family communication, and broader topics such as stigmatisation in relation to physical appearance. I established and co-direct the Cardiff University MSc course in Genetic Counselling and also teach undergraduate medical students and intercalating students. I usually support one or two PhD students.

My clinical work includes 'general genetics' clinics held in Cardiff and Rhondda and special interest clinics, including clinics for Huntington's disease, muscle disease and occasional multidisciplinary clinics for Rett syndrome. This work includes some aspects of disease management as well as addressing the questions and concerns of patients and families regarding the genetics of their disorder. I have a broader role in the University Health Board on the Clinical Ethics Committee.

Education & Qualifications

BA II-1 Genetics 1976 King's College, Cambridge

BM, BCh Oxford 1979

MRCP(UK) Royal College of Physicians of London 1982

DM Oxford 1989

FRCP (Lond) 1994, FRCPCH 1997

Career Overview

I trained first in general medicine and then paediatrics. I then stepped aside to undertake clincal and molecular genetics research in ectodermal dysplasia, Duchennne muscular dystrophy and Rett syndrome. This has led me into a career combining a strong NHS clinical commitment with clinical research that crosses over into the areas of social science, communication and ethics.

Current Position

I am Professor in Clinical Genetics (from 2000; formerly Reader from 1996, Senior Lecturer from 1989), Division of Cancer & Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff University and Honorary Consultant Clinical Geneticist, All Wales Medical Genetics Service, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.

Academic positions

Previous Employment

Jan 1987-Jan 1989 Research Associate and (Hon) Senior Registrar in Departments of Human Genetics and Child Health, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

June 1985-Dec 1986 Research Associate in Section of Medical Genetics, University of Wales College of Medicine, and (Hon) Registrar in Paediatrics, South Glamorgan Hospitals

May 1983-May 1985 Registrar in General and Neonatal Paediatrics, South Glamorgan Health Authority

August 1982 - April 1983 Senior House Officer in Neonatal Medicine, Bristol Maternity Hospital

August 1981-July 1982 Senior House Officer in Paediatrics, South Manchester Hospitals

August 1980-July 1981 Senior House Officer in General Medicine Peterborough District General Hospital

August 79-July 80 House Officer, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

We are currently unable to retrieve the list of publications. Visit our institutional repository.

My teaching commitment falls into four categories.

(i) MSc in Genetic Counselling

I establsihed this course in 2000 and remain activelyb involved as Course Co-Director (with Dr Marion MacAllister) and leader of several modules. This course will discontinue in 2017 and will be replaced by a new MSc course in Genetic and Genomic Counselling.

(ii) BSc in Medical Genetics

I establsihed this intercalated one-year BSc course for undergraduate medical students in 1990 and have remained actively involved ever since, both as lecturer and module leader.

(iii) Undergraduate Medical Course

I contribute to the MB BCh course across the first four years, both in teaching Medical Genetics and more general topics such as Professionalism, both in formal lectures and in small group tutorials.

(iv) Doctoral Students

I usually supervise one or two research (PhD or MD) students working on bioethics or related topics, as principal or as co-supervisor.

My interests include (i) clinical genetic aspects of Rett syndrome (and related disorders) and of ectodermal dysplasia and (ii) the broader social and ethical aspects of genetic disease.

Current projects include:

(i) a three-centre (Exeter, Cardiff and Southampton) ESRC-funded project on ReContacting patients in the context of 'mainstreaming' genomics within medicine,

(ii) continuing follow-up of patients who participated in the trial of an experimental treatment of newborn males affected by X-linked hypohidrotic ectofermal dysplasia, designed and funded by Edimer Pharmaceuticals,

(iii) analysis and disseminaion of findings from ERUK-funded project on clinical exome sequencing of patients with infantile epileptic encephalopathy (with Dr Andrew Fry and others),

(iv) an MSc student project on genetics and adoption (with Ms Nicola Vincent and Dr Kate Burke).

(v) establishing iPS cell lines from patients with the FOXG1- and CDKL5-related variant forms of Rett syndrome, with support from patient groups (with Dr David Millar).

(vi) collaborations with international colleagues on social and ethical aspects of genetics (Dr Alvaro Mendes, Portugal, and Prof Akane Kondo, Japan).

Areas of expertise