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Dr Richard Morey

Dr Richard Morey


School of Psychology

+44 (0)29 2087 4729
Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT
Available for postgraduate supervision


Research summary

My primary lines of research is applied statistics. I am interested in statistical modeling (in particular cognitive modeling), statistical cognition, and the philosophy of statistics. I am broadly interested in how researchers understand and use statistics, and how their use of data and statistics can be improved.

I also author scientific software (see my GitHub page for details).

Teaching summary

I teach reasoning and decision making at the undergraduate level, and research methods and applied statistics at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. I also regularly give workshops on statistical topics, such as Bayesian methods.


Please see my website or my Curriculum Vitae.

Honours and awards

Awards/external committees

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We are currently unable to retrieve the list of publications. Visit our institutional repository.



  • MA, Cognition and Neuroscience (University of Missouri, 2003)
  • MA, Statistics (University of Missouri, 2008)
  • PhD, Congition and Neuroscience (University of Missouri, 2008)
  • University Teaching Qualification (University of Groningen, 2014)

Current School of Psychology modules taught


  • Psychological Research Skills (Coordinator)
  • Thinking, Emotion, and Consciousness
  • Research practical, Year 2 (Social Psychology)


  • Research Design and Statistics I (Coordinator)
  • Research Design and Statistics II (Coordinator)

Workshops offered

  • Practical Bayesian statistics
  • Bayes factors in practice
  • R for data analysis

Past modules taught

  • Introduction to Statistics (Coordinator; Undergraduate Year 1, University of Groningen)
  • Programming for Psychologists (Coordinator; Undergraduate Year 3, University of Groningen)
  • Statistics for postgraduates (Coordinator; Postgraduates, University of Groningen)
  • Research Methods II (Coordinator; Undergraduate students, University of Missouri)

Research topics and related papers

Research group

Cognitive science

Research collaborators


Postgraduate research interests

If you are interested in applying for a PhD, or for further information  regarding my postgraduate research, please contact me directly (contact details available on the 'Overview' page), or submit a formal application.

Past projects

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