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Dr Mary Edwards

Dr Mary Edwards


School of English, Communication and Philosophy

I am part of the School’s Philosophy team.

My main research and teaching interests are in existentialism, feminist philosophy, phenomenology, critical theory, and the philosophy of art and literature.

I joined Cardiff University as a Teacher in Philosophy in January 2018. I previously worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at University College Cork, Ireland, where I was awarded my PhD in 2017. I also hold an MA in Philosophy of Art and Literature and a BA in Philosophy from The University of York.

I joined Cardiff University as a Teacher In Philosophy in January 2018. I am also currently an Editorial Assistant for the journal Critical Horizons: A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory and an executive committee member of the Irish branch of the Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP-I).

Previously, I worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, where I was also awarded my PhD in 2017. During my time at UCC, I also organized two successful, international conferences and a workshop on behalf of SWIP-I, and co-founded UCC Philosophy Department’s Work In Progress Initiative.

Please see my Academia page for my full CV:

Spring Semester 2017-2018:

Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy of Feminism

My PhD thesis, ‘Sartre on Flaubert: Philosophy Becoming Literature’, was written under the supervision of Prof. Julia Jansen (KU Leuven) and Dr. Angela Ryan (University College Cork).

The majority of my research to date has been devoted to showing that Sartre’s later work possesses much greater philosophical significance than has been hitherto appreciated, and to bringing it into a new and productive dialogue with current debates in philosophy. I am currently working on my monograph, provisionally titled Sartre on Flaubert and Knowing Others; a paper exploring Sartre’s debt to Beauvoir in his later work; and a paper on the role of realism in the development of Sartre’s phenomenology.

I also work at the intersection of phenomenology and feminist philosophy. My essay on “Gender, Shame, and the Pantsuit” is forthcoming in the feminist philosophy journal, Hypatia, and I have a book chapter in press, which draws upon recent research in aesthetics on the phenomenon of ‘imaginative resistance’ in order to provide a feminist critique of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Research interests:

  • existentialism
  • feminist philosophy
  • phenomenology (especially the phenomenology of shame and failures of recognition)
  • philosophy of art and literature
  • critical theory