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James Phillips

Research student, History and Welsh History, School of History, Archaeology and Religion


Research interests

  • 19th and 20th century Welsh history
  • British political history


Exploring Political Diversity: Language, Ideology and Identity in Monmouthshire, 1918-1939

My research project will use the case of Monmouthshire during the inter-war years as an example of how fragmented political identities could become, amidst the context of economic turbulence, industrial disputes and increasing militancy. It will show how political identities were created in Monmouthshire, illustrating how rhetoric, language and a sense of place were used to create distinctive political identities, and how they conflicted with potentially opposing personalities, in a county of such distinct contrasts.


Martin Wright

Dr Martin Wright

Senior Lecturer in History (Welsh Medium)

Bill Jones

Professor Bill Jones

Emeritus Professor in Modern Welsh History

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