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 Darius Klibavicius

Darius Klibavicius

Research student,


I am a PhD research student in the School of Social Sciences (Education Pathway).

I look at School Curriculum Reforms, focusing on the New Curriculum for Wales. This is a qualitative study based on Primary aged pupils’ participation and their learning experiences. Therefore, to capture pupils’ insights into curriculum development and implementation, the research employs a children's rights framework accompanied by creative and participatory methodologies.


Research interests

From June to December 2022 I had a 6-Months Internship at the Welsh Government, where I conducted a Research Evidence Review From Needs to Deeds: Acting Upon the Voices of Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Learners (Academic supervisor Prof David Egan). This Evidence Review aims to inform policymakers about the successful strategies and effective practices for engaging disadvantaged learners in education, and closing the attainment gap based on social class.

2021 | Teachers’ Perceptions of School Curriculum Reform and its Impact on their Practice (Academic supervisor Dr Kevin Smith). This is a MSc Thesis in Social Science Research Methods at Cardiff University.

2020 | To What Extent Are the Roles of Teacher and Teaching Assistant Complementary? (Academic supervisor Prof Sally Power). This is an Unpublished Mixed Methods Case Study.

2018 | Teaching Philosophy at School: What are Teachers’ Perceptions of Philosophy and its Role in the School Curriculum? (Academic supervisor Dr Kevin Smith). This is a MSc Thesis in Education, Policy and Society at Cardiff University.

Some of the findings of the above studies have been disseminated through academic outputs such as Images of Research (2021), a blog post on Philosophy in the New Curriculum for Wales (2019) and the article Does Philosophy Have a Role in School? (2022).


Pupils’ Experiences of and Involvement in School Curriculum Reforms

Funding Sourse: ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership.

More details about my research aims, questions and methods are available in the ESRC DTP Profile



Dr Kevin Smith

Senior Lecturer