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 Hannah Baird

Hannah Baird

Research student,


I am an EPSRC funded Physics of Life PhD student, working as a part of the Castell Lab in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

My research focusses on exploring the role, function and structure of bilayer pores that form in bacterial membranes, caused by synergistic antimicrobial peptides Mag2 and PGLa. Using physical techniques, such as electrophysiology, TIRF microscopy and FRET microscopy, I hope to delve into pore characterisation at the single-molecule level.


Research interests

With a background in bio-organic chemistry and microbiology, and as a Natural Sciences graduate, I was keen to take on an interdisciplinary research project at the cutting edge of science.


Direct observation of the structure and function of cooperatively assembled membrane spanning pores formed by antimicrobial peptides

Funding source



Dr Oliver Castell

Dr Oliver Castell

Serious Brain Power Early Career Researcher and Senior Lecturer

Professor Arwyn Tomos Jones

Professor of Membrane Traffic and Drug Delivery, and Director of Research & Engagement

Dr Peter Watson

Dr Peter Watson

Director for Postgraduate Education, Reader, Academic lead of imaging facilities, Postgraduate Research Teaching Co-ordinator