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 Jingyi Feng

Jingyi Feng

Research student, School of Biosciences



2018-2019 Master of Science in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (Cardiff University)

2017-2020 Master of Surgery in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

(First Hospital of China Medical University)

2012-2017 MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (China Medical University)



The application of bio-printing in the treatment and repair of chondral defects

My PhD project, titled "The application of Bio-printing in the treatment and repair of cartilage defects for regenerative medicine strategies", is a multi-disciplinary approach that aims to develop methodologies utilising 3D bio-printing for the construction of 3D scaffolds that will facilitate the regeneration of both articular and nasal cartilage in patients that would benefit from surgical intervention.


Dr Clare Hughes

Professor Clare Hughes

Strategic Director of Education

Dr Emma Blain

Dr Emma Blain