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 Sarah Raymond

Sarah Raymond

Research student, School of Biosciences


I graduated from University of Nottingham with an MSci in Biology in 2019, during which I undertook research projects investigating the reliability of European nightjar calls as identifiers of individuals, and the spread of non-native invertebrates into the UK using species distribution modelling. Following this, I worked at an ecological consultancy, EMEC Ecology, for 6 months.

I am now working as a PhD researcher in the School of Biosciences, alongside Project Splatter and the Otter Project. I am looking at the impacts of roads on wildlife, particularly focusing on the scale of wildlife-vehicle collisions, influencing factors, and animal behaviour in response to roads and road mitigation. 


Research interests

  • Wildlife-human conflict

  • Road and urban ecology

  • Wildlife mitigation

  • Citizen and community science


  • PGR demonstrator


Keeping habitats connected: Does wildlife mitigation work?

This project aims to investigate how roads impact wildlife through direct (wildlife vehicle collisions) and indirect interactions (e.g. noise pollution, habitat fragmentation etc.), and how effective current structures and methods are at mitigating these effects. This project is part-funded by Animex Fencing (CASE partner) and I work alongside Project Splatter and Otter Project, both of which are based at Cardiff University. 

Funding source

NERC GW4+ Doctoral Training Partnership


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