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I am a masters researcher working on an iconographic exegesis of The Oracles of the Nations, Isa. 14:24-24. My research interests encompass much of the Near East and the use of material culture.

Academic Background

  • BA Ancient History - Cardiff University (2017-2020)


  • British Institute of Persian Studies (2020-Present)


Research interests

  • Assyriology

  • Achaemenid Empire

  • Biblical Studies

  • Iconography and Material Culture

  • Shahnameh studies

  • Warfare and violence


Parry. C. 2020. A Bloody World: Perceptions of Blood in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Parry. C. (self-published).


Public Engagement Officer, Firing Line Museum of the Welsh Soldier (2019)

SHARE with Schools volunteer (2017-2020)

SHARE with Schools Postgraduate Co-Ordinator (2020-Present)


  • SHARE with Schools Return Visits 2019

    • Mountain Ash and Cathays High visited the university for 1 day each where I ran a workshop on Achaemenid Tribute Processions that I had developed with them.


An Iconographic Exegesis of the Oracles of the Nations, Isaiah 14:24-24

This thesis uses ancient near eastern iconography to critically interpret and understand the Biblical text of Isaiah as a historical source, demonstrating how ancient history and Biblical studies can work together. Isaiah is rich in literary images that draw on the visual word surrounding the author(s). Through using the iconographic language of the ancient Near East these images gain potency and the reader can begin to understand the world in which the book was written. This research will focus on the 'Oracles of the Nations' (Isa. 14:24-24) and the rich images employed in the damning narrative. The thesis will deal with a variety of themes: Kingship and God as King, The Body and God, Nature, Agriculture, Society and Culture and Warfare.