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 Moamer Yahia Ali Khalayleh

Moamer Yahia Ali Khalayleh

Research student,


Moamer Khalayleh is a doctoral candidate of religious and theological studies. His area of research is contemporary atheism and Islamic theology. Moamer received his bachelors degree in electrical engineering in Amman in 2010. He then trained traditionally in Islamic theology and Shafiʿī law while studying in a number of religious institutions and with private teachers in Jordan and the region. In 2017, he obtained a Master's degree in multidisciplinary studies from the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY). In addition to his doctoral studies, Moamer is a teacher of Islamic theology and physics at King’s Academy, an international boarding school in Madaba, Jordan. Moamer also regularly lectures on Ashʿarī  theology and Shafiʿī law at Al-Maʿarej and Al- Ḥawraaʾ institutes in Amman, Jordan.


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