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 Fatou Sambe

Fatou Sambe

Research student,


I hold a BSc in Psychology and Sociology from Queen Margaret University (2016) in Edinburgh and a MA in Religion and Public Life from the University of Leeds (2017). I am now a third year PhD student in the Department of Religious and Theological Studies.

Thesis: Converts and the Next Generation of British Muslims


Research interests

  • Islam and Muslims in Britain

  • Religious conversion

  • Identity, race and gender


Converts and the Next Generation of British Muslims

My doctoral research explores the post-conversion experiences of Muslim converts and the particular intersection of converts having children. I further focus on the identities and experiences of the next generation, namely, the children of converts. In this context, I also examine the role of convert support groups in the lives of convert families. Through my research I am hoping to contribute to a better understanding of conversion to Islam, the diversity of the current generation of Muslims in Britain and ultimately the heterogeneity of Muslim communities.

Funding source

Jameel Scholarship


Sophie Gilliat-Ray

Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray

Professor in Religious and Theological Studies, Head of Islam UK Centre

Riyaz Timol

Dr Riyaz Timol

Research Associate in British Muslim Studies

Areas of expertise