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 Zhiqi Zhao

Zhiqi Zhao

Research student,


I am the PhD student at Cardiff Business School, before joining the PhD program, I was in the USQ program--Finance at Zhejiang University City College and MSc IEBF at Cardiff University.

My current work is on the monetary system in Hong Kong, and its integration with the mainland China. My thesis studies the economy of Hong Kong through the lens of a small open economy DSGE model with a currency board exchange rate commitment. It assumes prices and a banking system that provides credit to entrepreneurial household-firms,with both collateral and cost of verication.By estimating and Testing in Indirect Inference, it can fit the HK data well, but the housing collateral is rejected. By bootstrapping the model with innovations, Hong Kong welfare is higher in the currency board, as it substantially reduces output and ination volatility, compared with Taylor rule. 

I am also a teaching assistant for UG and PG at Cardiff Business School since 2015, delivering tutorial class from board topcis in Economics and Financial Economics. 


Research interests

My broad research interests lie in the Macroecnomics and Financial Economics. Current work focuses on monetary regimes and monetary policy. Proposed work include the price rigidity and stock market to emerging economies, as well as income inequality and housing market. 


Professor Patrick Minford

Professor Patrick Minford

Professor of Applied Economics


Dr David Meenagh

Reader in Economics

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