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Change or cancel a course

There are a few circumstances where we are able to offer you a refund or change your part-time course.

If a part-time course is cancelled

We reserve the right to cancel or shorten a part-time course. This could happen if a part-time course is under-subscribed or if there is a change in circumstances. When this happens we will issue a full or partial refund depending on whether any classes took place.

If you want to withdraw from a part-time course

If you want to withdraw from a part-time course you should let us know in writing as soon as possible. You can submit your request by email to Once a part-time course has started, we will no longer issue a refund if you decide to withdraw.

You can write to let us know you would like to withdraw and we will be able to issue a full refund if this is received at least five days before the start of the part-time course. There is a £10 administration charge applied to all refunds.

At busy times it can take up to four weeks for a refund to be processed.

Payment by instalment

If you wish to withdraw from a part-time course which has already started and you are paying in instalments then the second instalment is still due.

Full payment for the part-time course is required regardless of whether or not all classes have been attended.

Transfer requests

Once a part-time course has started, we may be able to offer you a transfer to another part-time course under certain circumstances. This could be that the level of the part-time course is not appropriate, for example.

You should submit a request to transfer your part-time course in writing. Transfers will not automatically be agreed in all circumstances, and requests should be submitted by email. You can call us on +44 (0)29 2087 0000 if your transfer request is urgent.

If a transfer is granted and the new part-time course fee is the same, or lower, than your original part-time course then there will be no charge. If the new part-time course fee is higher, then the balance must be paid in full. You will be only able to transfer a part-time course fee once and transfers are usually valid for 12 months.