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Environmental Sustainability

Duration 10 weekly meetings
Tutor Tutor to be confirmed
Course code SCI24A5580A
Fee £196
Concessionary fee £157 (find out about eligibility and funding options)

50-51 Park Place
CF10 3AT

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The Environmental Sustainability module offers a comprehensive exploration of how natural resources and biodiversity are crucial to maintaining ecological balance and supporting human well-being.

We delve into the interconnections between environmental protection, economic sustainability, and the overarching threats to our natural systems.

Learners will look at the concept of a safe operating space for humanity, tackling barriers to sustainable development, and understanding the impact of greenwashing.

Additionally, the course emphasises corporate social responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as frameworks for promoting ethical and sustainable business practices.

This module covers sustainable practices and how we meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Learning and teaching

Teaching will include in-person lectures, discussions, and practical activities tailored to deepen understanding of environmental sustainability.

The course begins by introducing the foundational concepts of natural resources, biodiversity, and the basics of environmental protection.

These concepts are reinforced through interactive lectures and case study analyses.

Over a semester (10 weeks), with 2-hour weekly sessions, learners will engage with topics including economic sustainability, threats to natural systems, and corporate social responsibility.

Each class session is designed to allow ample time for discussions, encouraging students to explore and debate different sustainability challenges and solutions.

Coursework and assessment

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This is necessary not only to maintain our educational standards but also to ensure that these can be verified by external examiners across all courses and subjects.

Central to our assessment process is its ability to enhance your learning experience.

We are committed to developing assessment methods that build your confidence and align with the needs of adult learners who manage busy schedules.

Our aim is to create assessment experiences that are both enjoyable and practical, enhancing your educational journey while respecting your commitments.

Reading suggestions

  • Savitz, A., 2013. The triple bottom line: how today's best-run companies are achieving economic, social and environmental success-and how you can too. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Rockström, J., et al., 2009. Planetary boundaries: exploring the safe operating space for humanity. Ecology and society, 14(2).
  • Buckingham, S. and Theobald, K. eds., 2003. Local environmental sustainability. Woodhead Publishing.
  • Carson, R., 2009. Silent spring. 1962.

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