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Professor David Moffat


It was with great sadness that the University learned of the death on 21 May 2017 of Professor David Moffat – a former member of staff at the University’s Department of Anatomy.

With considerable experience as a Naval surgeon, David brought to Cardiff medical students a huge practical knowledge of Human Anatomy. In particular he had a very clear idea of the level of detail that undergraduates should know about the anatomy of the human body and what should be left for postgraduate study after qualification. These views were not always agreed with by some of his more traditional colleagues in Cardiff!

David was an entertaining and inspirational teacher with a rare talent for elucidating three dimensional structure by two dimensional drawings in chalk on a blackboard. He was also a renal physiologist with a specific interest in the microcirculation of the kidney, his research marrying microstructure with function in that organ. Generous with his time for others and with a quick wit, he was highly valued especially by his younger colleagues.