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Down's syndrome eye care pioneer receives OBE

18 June 2014

Down's Syndrome Vision Research Unit

Dr Maggie Woodhouse has been awarded an OBE for services to Optometry and people with disabilities.

For over 20 years Dr Maggie Woodhouse has been running a study of visual development in children and young people with Down's syndrome.

Her research is supported by a study group of over 250 children and young people with Down's syndrome and has resulted in changes to eye care practice and to educational management of children with Down's syndrome.

The honour follows a lifetime achievement commendation she received last year in the Understanding Disability Awards.

Her research is often held up as an example of how, by bridging the gap between research and community, it is possible for research to translate to a real and lasting impact on the life quality and learning opportunities of those with Down's syndrome.

Congratulations Maggie!

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