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Bringing together the UK’s paleoclimate community

15 September 2017

Attendees of the first UK Paleoclimate Society conference

The first conference of the UK Paleoclimate Society was held at Cardiff University on 11th and 12th September 2017. Paleoclimate is becoming an increasingly important field of research, as the reconstruction of past climates and climate changes informs our understanding of modern climate change.

Sponsored by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, the Past Earth Network, UK IODP and the Marine Studies Group of the Geological Society, the conference aimed to bring together the UK community of paleoclimate scientists. The event was unique in bringing together researchers from across the UK interested in the application of data, modelling and statistics to reconstructing paleoclimates. It provided attendees with opportunities for networking and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration across a number of fields with scientists working towards a common research goal.

Speakers at the conference included Dr Ian Bailey (Camborne School of Mines), Professor Caitlin Buck (University of Sheffield), Professor Rob DeConto (University of Massachusetts), Professor Jürg Luterbacher (Universität Giessen), and Professor Ros Rickaby (University of Oxford).

The event was well-received with scientists from across the UK commenting on the success of the conference. Lead organiser and founder of the Paleoclimate Society, Professor Caroline Lear said: “The meeting demonstrated the high quality and vibrancy of UK paleoclimate research, and I am excited that it has already created a legacy, with participants voting on the location for the next meeting.” The next UK Paleoclimate Society conference in 2020 will be held in Belfast.

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