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CCI members present at ISSC conference

1 April 2015

The catalysis institute had a significant present at the recent Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference (ISSC-20) conference held at the University of Birmingham.  The ISSC conference is the flagship UK conference series in the field of surface science and thin film research, organised by the Thin Films and Surfaces Group of the Institute of Physics and covers areas related to surface science, fundamental catalysis and thin films research, catalysis and surface reactions and many more related aspects.  The conference featured talks from world leading scientists including Richard Catlow and Hans Joachim Freund.

Dr David Morgan and PhD student Ryan Sharpe both gave well received talks, with Morgan discussing the detailed identification of oxygen species on carbon surfaces and Sharpe illustrating the chemistry of core-shell AuPd formation on TiO2 surfaces.

Both talks concluded with lively discussion, encompassing many fundamental aspects of the translation of the model studies to more conventional heterogeneous catalysis.

Work forming the basis of Dr Morgan's presentation is presented in a recent publication, which is one of a series published from the investigations into the effect of the surface on the deposition of gold nanoparticles on carbon.

Paper: (Open access)

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