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Cardiff plays host to major international energy conference

21 August 2017

Wind Turbines at sea

Cardiff University will this week host a major international energy conference, bringing together leading figures from universities and industries across the world.

The 9th International Conference on Applied Energy will take place from 21-24 August at Cardiff University’s School of Engineering.

Events will include keynote speeches, plenary sessions, presentations and poster sessions, with experts gathering to discuss the future of clean energy, sustainability, energy storage and renewable energy.

The prestigious conference has previously been held in major cities all over the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Pretoria, Abu Dhabi and Beijing, and will come to the UK for the first time.

A low carbon future

As part of the conference, Cardiff University will also showcase the £24m FLEXIS project.

FLEXIS is bringing together expertise from across Welsh universities to facilitate an affordable, sustainable and socially acceptable transition to a low carbon future. The five-year EU-backed project will look to solve a diverse, complex and inter-dependent set of challenges, ranging from energy storage to decarbonisation and fuel poverty.

Professor Jianzhong Wu, one of the conference organisers from Cardiff University’s School of Engineering, said: “It’s a real privilege to be able to host such a prestigious conference here at Cardiff University...”

“As a result of projects such as FLEXIS, Wales is at the forefront of energy research and is producing outputs that are having a significant impact on the way that we live our lives.”

Professor Jianzhong Wu Head of School, Engineering.

“It’s therefore extremely beneficial to be able to network with our contemporaries from across the world over the coming week to share ideas and to showcase the best of the work that we are doing here at Cardiff University.”

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