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Why did Wales vote for Brexit?

2 August 2017

A leading political expert from Cardiff University is to present the first detailed analysis of what really happened in Wales during the dramatic EU referendum.

Professor Richard Wyn Jones’s special lecture at the National Eisteddfod will explain why Wales voted for Brexit despite benefiting from the EU by around £245m each year.

Professor Jones said his research revealed remarkable differences of opinion within Wales on the question of EU membership, these differences reflecting the different senses of national identity that exist among the country’s population.

He promised that by the end of the lecture “people will start to understand Welsh politics in a different way”.

Professor Richard Wyn Jones at Eisteddfod 2015

“This will be the first attempt to explain the EU referendum result in Wales which seemed to take many people by surprise,” said Professor Jones.

“It’s a result that has been interpreted by some as a rejection of Wales and Welshness, and by others as a giant own goal given Wales’s reliance on the single market and structural funding.”

Professor Richard Wyn Jones Professor of Welsh Politics

“I’ll be showing some dramatic differences in opinion within Wales related to different senses of national identity among the Welsh population.”

The lecture takes place at Societies Tent 1 at 11:00 on Thursday 10 August.

This year’s National Eisteddfod takes place in Anglesey from 4-12 August.

Cardiff University’s theme for the 2017 National Eisteddfod is Cardiff Connected – how Cardiff University and its students, staff and alumni are connected to Wales and beyond.

See Cardiff University’s full programme here.

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