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Stress Management Toolkit

17 July 2017

3 healthcare workers

The Wales Deanery, DNA Definitive and CUREMeDE, have produced a guide for healthcare workers on stress management and resilience.

The “Baker’s Dozen of Mental Toughness”, created by Dr Mark Stacey, Elaine Russ & Andy McCann, and illustrated throughout by Auralab’s Laura Sorvala, aims to provide a visual summary of some of the key learning from Mark’s stress management teaching.

Mark says:

"What I’m trying to get across with this booklet is that we can do things differently-there are skills we can learn that will improve our resilience.

Used regularly the tools in this booklet can help enable you to function better, perform under pressure and enhance your life both at work and home, but it takes time and effort.

It will be worth it.”

You can download the booklet below or if you would like a free hard copy please email Elaine Russ at