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Dr Julia Gee made Chair of the Breast Cancer Campaign UK Tissue Bank Access Committee

1 July 2013

Dr Julia Gee has today begun her 3-year term as Chair of the Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Access Committee.

The Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank is a unique collaboration between four leading research institutions to create the UK's first ever national cancer tissue bank, a vital resource of breast cancer tissue for researchers across the UK and Ireland. 

The tissue samples will enable researchers to study how and why breast cancer develops and spreads, and to devise the best possible treatment.

Dr Gee heads the Committee evaluating researcher requests for clinical samples, aiming to provide fair access to researchers from the UK and Ireland. There is a view to opening the Tissue bank to the wider international breast cancer research community in the near future. 

Professor Gary Baxter, Head of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, noted that the role was recognition of Dr Gee's continuing work in the field of breast cancer.

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