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Da Vinci Innovation Award Winner 2014

28 November 2014

Da Vinci Innovation Award winners 2014-2015
Da Vinci Innovation Award winners 2014-2015

The Da Vinci Innovation Awards event was hosted by the Cardiff School of Engineering Wednesday 28th November 2014 at Park Plaza Hotel. 

These wards are intended to foster innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration and bring together people who may have ideas and expertise which can be used to solve problems and create value. The audience was made up of participants from a range of organisations both within and outside the University. 

Thirteen groups pitched their ideas in a time limit of 3 minutes to the audience who voted for those projects they thought most innovative and potentially successful. The presenters included academic researchers, clinicians and students. 

The winners were awarded funding of £3,000 each from the School of Engineering. 

Congratulations to Dr Lovleen Tina Joshi, a Post doctoral Research Associate from the Cardiff School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences was amongst those Innovation Award winners with her interdisciplinary pitch "Bursting Superbugs using Caterpillars and Microwaves".

Da Vinci Event Promotes Cross-Disciplinary Research and Innovation.

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