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Welsh Varsity 2015

2 February 2015

Welsh Varsity 2015

Tickets for Welsh Varsity 2015, the biggest student sporting event in Wales are on sale now.

Entering its 19th year in 2015, the event sees more than 30 sports clubs from Cardiff and Swansea universities compete against each for the Varsity Shield, culminating with the men's rugby match for the Varsity Cup.

This year, the Varsity competition will take place in Swansea's Liberty Stadium on Wednesday 22 April, the first time in five years that the tournament has been played in the ground.

Bryn Griffiths, Vice President Sports and Athletic Union President at Cardiff University said: "Varsity 2015 will undoubtedly be the climax of the year for Team Cardiff and I'm sure our teams will be eager to lay down the gauntlet to Swansea on their turf after four successful years at home.

"With a new head of rugby in post our eyes will well and truly be on the Cup as well as continuing our dominance in the Varsity Shield. Be sure to make the trip west as the Liberty Stadium will be close to capacity and is sure to provide a monstrous atmosphere surpassing that of previous years."

The Welsh Varsity tournament has seen huge growth over the last five years, attracting crowds of more than 20,000 students to cheer on their universities. Swansea took home the Varsity Cup for a second successive year in April 2014, beating Cardiff 19-15, while Cardiff students retained the Varsity Shield.

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