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Medical education business joins Medicentre

15 June 2017

Professor Amso and Dr Scott

A specialist learning and training company has taken up tenancy at Cardiff Medicentre, a leading medtech and biotech incubator.

Advanced Medical Simulation Online (AMSO) becomes the 18th tenant of Cardiff Medicentre, which is located in the grounds of the University Hospital of Wales.

AMSO was established in 2015 to address a shortfall in specific, high-quality and affordable educational support for healthcare practitioners. Its founders, Professor Nazar Amso, a consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Dr Jacqueline Scott, a senior medical practitioner, say AMSO will help health professionals develop knowledge and clinical skills in the workplace and achieve excellence in the provision of treatment and care.

Decades of educational expertise

The company works closely with medical institutions to identify specific training needs and deliver customised support for their staff. There is particular focus on areas of medicine that require the development of practical skills such as ultrasound, surgery and communication.

Support comes in the form of distance learning courses in subjects including ultrasound practice, women’s health, sexual and reproductive health and surgical practice.

AMSO has developed a unique cloud-based model that embeds simulation with distance learning using an interactive learning platform. On-site simulation training is also available for learners who wish to gain practical skills before progressing to the clinical environment.

Professor Amso has three decades of educational expertise, having founded and directed the Ultrasound Masters programme at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine between 2004 and 2016. He also co-founded MedaPhor, an ultrasound simulation education and training company, as a spin-out company of Cardiff University.

“We intend AMSO to enjoy similar success because of the global need for high-level medical training that is easy to access and that makes sense from a budgetary perspective, especially in low income resource countries,” said Professor Amso.

“We have just become a registered continuing professional development provider with a UK-based organisation that sets standards for the delivery of CPD globally, and this will allow us to build on the national and international training opportunities we’ve already identified.”

"Cardiff Medicentre is the right place"

The company recently launched its first education product: a practical ultrasound course for doctors, nurses, midwives and sonographers. Professor Amso and his team are currently developing a course that will focus on keyhole surgery.

Dr Scott said: “Working alongside us is an educationalist who supports the development of educational material, and a website developer with expertise in the construction of educational websites. In addition we have an expert medical and nursing faculty that supports the delivery of our programmes, two administrators, and plans to recruit further as the business grows.

“We know that Cardiff Medicentre is the right place for us to call our home, and it’s going to help us achieve the targets we have set for ourselves. It’s an invaluable hub for health and bioscience companies, and its location is ideal; we are a stone’s throw from our stakeholders at the University Hospital of Wales."

Professor Nazar Amso Advanced Medical Simulation Online

Justin John, Business Incubation Officer at Cardiff Medicentre said: “It is a pleasure to welcome the AMSO team to the Medicentre. There is a real buzz about the company and we are in no doubt that this is a business that is set to achieve great things.”

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