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Learn Welsh by joining the Cardiff Intensive Summer Course

13 June 2017

Come and learn, or improve, your Welsh with Welsh for Adults at Cardiff University’s School of Welsh.

The closing date to register for intensive courses has been extended until Monday 19 June 2017 and there are courses available for all levels, from beginners right up to those who are fluent Welsh speakers.

The courses are very flexible and you can choose to attend for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks. There are also 1 week language improvement courses on offer.

This year, we are offering a scholarship (50% reduction in fees) for those who want to attend the intermediate or higher courses for two weeks. Full details can be found here.

In addition to the formal lessons, a number of social activities are held over the summer as a way of enabling learners to practice their Welsh and meet with other learners and fluent speakers. This is an important part of the programme and a great opportunity to build a Welsh-speaking network.

Do something different this summer and learn a language. For more information about the courses available, your level and for any questions, please get in touch today: / 089 2087 4710.

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