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Launch of the School of Healthcare Science's new research strategy

11 February 2015

Research Launch
Dr Val Sparkes, Christine Morrell, Prof Danny Kelly and Gail Williams at the launch.

Research focus puts patients and families at the heart.

We recently had the launch of the School of Healthcare Sciences' new research strategy, research themes, and the Healthcare Sciences Research Seminar Series 2015. The strategy provides a roadmap for developing research in the School to build on the success of REF2014.

The launch was attended by guests from Welsh Government, local Health Boards, charities, academics and healthcare professionals and introduced the focus and themes of the research strategy. The theme leads explained their work and specific research projects in the following themes:

Research Launch
Research Launch

Professor Daniel Kelly, Director of Research, said, "The launch was a great success. We were able to share our vision for the future of the School's research. Our aim is to improve, influence and inform healthcare across Wales and beyond, and put patients and families at the heart of our research. These four themes enable us to focus on the patient experience and work across disciplines to ensure a more cohesive approach to our research projects."

The event was also an opportunity to share information on upcoming research seminars designed to showcase innovation and research activity within the School. The first of this year's series is on 11 February on "Supporting Vulnerable Families" with Dr Julia Sanders, Reader, School of Healthcare Sciences. Dr Sanders will present on some of the work being undertaken by our maternal, child and family health and wellbeing research theme.

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