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Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

9 May 2017

Professor Jamie Rossjohn

Professor Jamie Rossjohn, from the School of Medicine, has been elected as Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences - a fellowship of the UK’s best biomedical and health researchers.

Jamie joins 45 other world-leading UK researchers elected this year. All have been elected for their contribution to biomedical and health research, and its translation into benefits to society.

Monash University Caulfield Campus
Caulfield Campus, Monash University

Head of the Infection and Immunity Program of the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University and Professor in Structural Immunology at Cardiff University, Jamie’s research is centred on understanding how the immune system works, watching its every move from how it protects us from viruses to when the immune system starts attacking our own body, as in the case of autoimmunity.

One of Jamie’s eureka moments arrived in 2012 when he discovered how T-cells in the immune system can respond to Vitamin B metabolites, which could lead to building better vaccines and treatments of diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, peptic ulcers and tuberculosis.

Jamie is also Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, an ARC Australian Laureate Fellow (2017-2021), previously a NHMRC Australia Fellow (2011-2016) and ARC Federation Fellow (2007-11). Collectively, he has published > 300 papers and mentored numerous researchers towards obtaining higher degrees and nationally competitive fellowships.

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