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Marine geography graduate wins 2014 best dissertation prize

22 October 2014

Marine geography graduate, Lucy Taylor, has won the 2014 Greenwich Forum 'Best Undergraduate Project Prize' for her work on the invasive algae Caulerpa in Greece and its interaction with the endemic seagrass Posidonia. The prize is for outstanding, undergraduate marine research.

During the summer of 2014, Lucy worked as a volunteer on the Greek island Fourni for Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation and was given the opportunity to collect data for her ecology dissertation. The project aimed at determining the impact of the invasive species Caulerpa racemosa on the morphology of Posidonia oceanica, an endemic seagrass of the Mediterranean. The research involved carrying out snorkel surveys over 3 months measuring the features of P. oceanica and using statistical analysis to determine the impact of C. racemosa presence in the seagrass meadow.

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