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GW4 Alliance launched

5 November 2014

The GW4 Alliance, which brings together the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter, has been officially launched. Representatives from industry, business, academia, charitable organisations and the public sector met in the House of Commons to celebrate the Alliance's achievements over the past 18 months. Ian Hall gave a speech outlining the goals and objectives of the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) and the event provided an opportunity for students to network with partners outside of their own institutions. 

GW4 has succeeded in attracting significant funding to train postgraduate researchers and hosts the largest Natural Environmental Research Council DTP in the UK, providing 200 studentships to develop the next generation of environmental scientists.

The GW4 collaboration brings added value to the four universities. Combining their resources provides the critical mass and quality to succeed in an increasingly competitive and research-intensive environment. It encourages interdisciplinary research across a wide pool of academics, reaching far beyond what any of the individual universities could achieve - tackling some of society's grand challenges such as climate change and dementia.

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