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Cardiff Catalysis Institute 2015 Conference

5 January 2015

The Cardiff Catalysis Institute annual conference will be held on the 6th and 7th January 2015.

This year's event will be hosted jointly with the School of Chemistry and includes presentations from a host of world leading eminent scientists. The focus will be on catalysis and solid-state chemistry, and external speakers will include:

Cu3In2 - when atomistic descriptions break down

Sven Lidin, Lund University

Identification of new functional materials – integration of computation and experiment

Matthew Rosseinsky, University of Liverpool

Compositional analysis in an aberration corrected STEM – a powerful tool for advancing catalysis science

Chris Kiely, Lehigh University

Catalysis Research at BASF: In Search of Innovation Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Saeed Alerasool, BASF

Probing liquid and gas phase catalytic reaction mechanisms using in-situ spectroscopy and scattering techniques

Christopher Hardacre, Queens University Belfast

Alongside the presentations from external speakers, several Cardiff postgraduate research students and postdocs will also present their outstanding research work.

The conference promises to be an inspiring event and full details of the programme can be found below:

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