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In Dark Times: the importance of speech and resistance

24 March 2017

Hotly debated question posed at public Philosophy ‘Anti-Lecture’

What is it to live in dark times and how can we use speech and resistance? A Royal Institute of Philosophy event is addressing the hotly discussed question in an event with a twist at Cardiff University.

British Philosopher Dr Sandy Grant responds to the great political change sweeping across and beyond Europe at the free public lecture on Friday 7 April. Asking what it takes to resist and how can we speak "out of our time", both in it and against or beyond it, Dr Grant argues we need to consider acts of telling, and how telling can make a world.

Committed to the idea that philosophy is for everyone, Dr Grant has penned numerous articles including Post Truth, Orwell and Doublespeak and appears regularly on programmes such as BBC Radio Four’s Start the Week and Women’s Hour.

Following questions from the floor, two leading scholars from the fields of history and law will lead discussions at an open round-table event.

Author of Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed, hailed one of the most significant books in the Humanities in recent years, Professor of Modern History Mary Heimann joins the debate. Her painstaking research has had major impacts outside of academia, culminating in presenting her insights into the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia at NATO Partnership for Peace.

The third panelist is Professor of Law Ambreena Manji. Nominated expert adviser to the Habitat III conference by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Professor Manji has advised a number of international organisations on land issues.  She sits on numerous bodies including the Council of the African Studies Association of the UK and the Research Committee of the British Institute in Eastern Africa.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Lecture takes place on Friday 7 April at the University’s Main Building (17:00, Shandon Lecture Theatre). Booking is recommended.

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