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Ideas of Wales

20 March 2017

Ideas of Wales at the Senedd

Cardiff University is taking a lead role in a new series debating the concept of the public sphere, and its condition in Wales at the Senedd.

Ideas of Wales aims to enable a philosophical take on the big questions facing the nation today at the nation’s seat of power.

Led by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and Cardiff University, the series is concerned with questions, themes and people who are central to, or have contributed to the intellectual life of the nation.

Significantly it seeks to contribute to the social, political and religious debate about the public sphere in Wales – whilst being part of the efforts to enhance it.

The series opened with philosopher Dr Huw Rees from the School of English. Communication and Philosophy discussing the concept of the public sphere, the way it functions, and why it is considered so crucially important to the democratic order.

Researcher Dr Dan Evans, part of the education team within Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods Cardiff University joined the session to discuss the condition of the public sphere in Wales and the particular challenges faced.  Each session will end with questions and debate.

Dr Huw Rees said: “A well-functioning public sphere is vital for a well-functioning democracy. Wales' public sphere is weak, with few native news outlets or fora for critical debate. If we want Wales to develop, we need to fix this.”

Ideas of Wales opened on Tuesday 14 March at 18:00 in the Senedd, Cardiff Bay in a session sponsored by Elin Jones AM and Jeremy Miles AM.

Future sessions will follow on 4 April, 25 April, 16 May, 6 June, 27 June and 18 July.

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