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New Synlett Cluster Collection on Frontiers in Organo-Fluorine Chemistry

17 December 2014


The presence of fluorine-containing substituents can impart favorable properties to organic molecules that serve society on a daily basis. This could be to improve the activity of biologically relevant molecules, such as pharmaceuticals, anesthetics, imaging agents or even agro-chemicals, or to increase the efficiency of LED devices and polymeric materials. Currently the development of mild and selective methods for the introduction of fluorine to organic structures is one of global interest. Here at Cardiff, Dr Duncan Browne has been a guest editor for the latest edition of Synlett, inviting and collecting together contributions from across the world which report on the cutting-edge of this important research area. The Cluster collection on Progress in Organo-Fluorine Chemistry appears online in mid December and in print for the first edition in January. For more information on the import combination of fluorine with organic molecules see Duncan's Cluster Preface article:

Online issues:

Editorial preface:

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