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Limitations of Welsh Government’s violence bill addressed by Professor Emma Renold on the BBC’s The Wales Report

10 December 2014

Emma Renold - Wales Report

Professor Emma Renold, who leads the Gender and Sexualities Research Group in the School of Social Sciences, will feature on The Wales Report on BBC One Wales, Wednesday 10 December.

The programme focusses largely on why the Welsh Government's recent Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence bill doesn't go far enough, a topic Professor Renold was recently supported on by The National Assembly for Wales' Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee.

Professor Renold takes part in The Wales Report as the academic expert following her study: 'Girls and Boys Speak Out: A Qualitative Study of Children's Gender and Sexual Cultures (age 10-12)'. This study, the first of its kind, details the views and experiences of pre-teen boys and girls growing up in a sexist society in their own words. It addresses the absence of young people's own experiences of everyday sexism and sexual harassment, online and offline.

As part of the programme Professor Renold arranged filming with the two young girls who were the catalyst behind the original research after they wrote a poem on sexual objectification. Other young people from the feminist equalities lunch club, who Professor Renold has worked with over the past year, also participated.

Professor Renold is now working directly with secondary school students and Citizens UK to facilitate their support of the Welsh Women Against Violence Action Group's 'youngpeoplepromise' campaign. Professor Renold's research has been used to support the campaign.

Professor Renold says: "I was delighted to be invited to take part in The Wales Report and am pleased to see the subject so high up on the agenda, especially amongst young people. It was great to be able to invite them to take part in the programme on voice these concerns in their own words. I look forward to the next few months where I will be able to work directly with three groups of youngsters to directly support the 'youngpeoplepromise' campaign"

The Wales Report airs on Wednesday 10 December, BBC One Wales, 10.35pm.

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