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Get the facts about bipolar

26 June 2012

Bipolar disorder

What happens if you have bipolar disorder? How can you control your mood swings? How can you help a loved one with bipolar?

To mark this week's Bipolar Awareness Day (June 27), a new leaflet gives key information about bipolar disorder for patients, relatives and carers.

The leaflet, published by the National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH), clearly and simply sets out what bipolar disorder is and what danger signs to look for. It explains the steps patients can take to lead as normal a life as possible. And it offers advice for those looking after sufferers of this often distressing condition.

The National Council for Medical Health is Wales' first Biomedical Research Centre, aiming to improve understanding of mental illness and improve treatment for those affected. The Director, Professor Nick Craddock of the School of Medicine, said: "Bipolar Disorder can cause a great deal of distress to patients and those who care for them. This can be made worse by a lack of information – a problem which this leaflet and Bipolar Awareness Day both aim to tackle.

"There are practical steps people can take to stay as well as possible. In our leaflet, we aim to provide basic information, some constructive advice, and sources of further information and help. It is the first in a series we are planning which will offer help for mental disorders."

The leaflet is available on the NCMH website at .

National Bipolar Awareness Day 2012 takes places on Wednesday June 27, run by Bipolar UK to improve public understanding of the illness.

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