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New Cardiff University Welsh journalism module challenges 'fake news'

2 February 2017

Senedd Building in Cardiff Bay

A new and unique Welsh medium module, 'Cymru: Y Senedd, y Straeon a'r Spin' ('Wales: The Senedd, The Stories and The Spin'),  will run for the first time in Cardiff University from February 2017.

The module was devised by Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol funded academics, Sian Morgan Lloyd, Welsh medium Lecturer at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University and Iwan Williams, Welsh medium Lecturer in Media and Public Relations at Swansea University.

The aim of the module, which will be available for Welsh medium students at both Universities, is to develop students’ understanding of the important relationship between politicians, journalists and the communications industry in Wales.

It will also ensure that students familiarise themselves with the media landscape in a devolved Wales; the challenges of journalistic pluralism, and the way in which politicians, lobbyists and public relations practitioners influence the news agenda.

The module will be studied by first-year BA Welsh and Journalism students. It will also be made available to undergraduate students in the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies keen to continue studying and learning in Welsh.

Challenging 'fake news'

Sian Morgan Lloyd said: “Young people are used to getting their news from social media. However, as a result their news agenda is shaped not by news editors but by algorithms that have been specifically created to encourage people to ‘like’ and share events that interest them. With so much ‘fake’ news being circulated and read at this time we need to ensure that students see beyond the controversial headlines and develop core skills for today’s news industry.”

Nick Powell, Head of Politics at ITV Cymru said: “After 18 years, devolution has come of age and Welsh politics is now very different. Wales has its own agenda and increasingly its own laws too. So there is an abundance of stories – and yes, there is also spin in Cardiff Bay.

“I foresee that this trend will grow in the years to come and I am sure that many bright young people, brought up in a devolved Wales, will take advantage of this new module.”

Details of Welsh language opportunities are available on the School’s website or by following @Jomeccymraeg on Twitter.

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