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Digital Journalism

10 July 2012

Professor Bob Franklin
Professor Bob Franklin

Cutting-edge research focusing on the changing nature of journalism in the digital age is to be brought together in a new peer-reviewed journal launched by a Cardiff professor.

Digital Journalism, founded and edited by Professor Bob Franklin of the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies will provide a critical forum for discussion, analysis and responses to the shifts in journalism brought about by digital technology.

Its remit includes citizen and participatory journalism; digital journalism, protest and democracy; Wikileaks and novel forms of investigative journalism; and social media as sources and drivers of news.

As well as exploring the wide-ranging implications of digital technologies in the field of journalism, it will also cover associated economic, political and cultural developments.

Professor Franklin said: "Radical shifts in journalism are changing every aspect of the production, content and reception of news; and at a dramatic pace which has transformed 'new media' into 'legacy media' in barely a decade.

"These crucial changes challenge traditional assumptions in journalism practice, scholarship and education, make definitional boundaries fluid and require reassessment of even the most fundamental questions such as "What is journalism?" and "Who is a journalist?"

"Digital Journalism will bring together cutting-edge scholars to share their work, and help make sense of the profound impact of digital technology on journalism practice and production around the world."

Digital Journalism will be published three times a year from February 2013. Its editorial board includes Professor Ian Hargreaves, Chair of Digital Journalism at the University and Professor Robert McChesney of the University of Illinois. Itjoins the well-established journals Journalism Studiesand Journalism Practice, also edited by Professor Franklin and published by Routledge.

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