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Get involved in the Cardiff People Programme

6 November 2012

Cardiff People Programme

Following the launch of e-Recruitment the Cardiff People Programme Team have been concentrating their efforts on the next stage of the project plan – the implementation of online HR and Payroll systems that will change the way we work here at Cardiff. Caroline Mackenzie, Programme Manager tells us about the next steps.

"Over the next six months the Programme Team will be focussing their attention on rigorous testing of the systems that are being created, training central staff who will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the new systems and leading up to a period of User Acceptance Testing in November. This is the first large scale test of the system by staff across the University.

All Schools and Directorates have representatives who are part of the Cardiff People User Group. These representatives provide a direct link between their immediate area of work and the programme team. Their role is to provide a two way feedback loop between what the University needs and what the programme can deliver. If you would be interested in getting involved in testing then please contact your local Cardiff People user group representative for more information. You can find the link to your local representative here.

To ensure that the systems we are developing provide the best support to the work of the University, additional Special Interest Groups have been created. The Cardiff People Programme Team recognise that different parts of the organisation have different needs in relation to this significant organisational change and we want to ensure that staff have the opportunity to voice and discuss specific issues. The groups that have been created are:

  • Welsh Language
  • User Access
  • Compliance
  • Academic

The first three groups have already been resourced but we are still encouraging staff to become involved in the Academic Special Interest Group. The time commitment for this will be a monthly meeting and correspondence via email in between meetings if and when necessary. This will ensure that the academic opinion is considered in the creation of processes and systems. If you are interested in being involved with this group please contact or call extension 88301."

For more information about the Programme as a whole go to the Cardiff People web pages.

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