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Forging new research talent

30 January 2012

Forgin new research talent

The search is on for the next generation of talented researchers building their careers in Wales.

Welsh Crucible, the development scheme for the nation's research leaders of the future, is recruiting for this summer's capacity-building programme.

Welsh Crucible selects 30 of the most promising of the nation's early to mid-career researchers for a series of intensive workshops. The residential workshops, or "labs" aim to build innovative thinking skills and help researchers think about how their knowledge can usefully be applied in the public sphere.

The three two-day residential labs include guest speakers, seminars and skills sessions. The researchers will learn to:

  • develop a network of research peers across disciplines and build links with Welsh Government, the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh media;
  • find new ways of thinking and working
  • improve their effectiveness within and beyond their organisations
  • develop skills in public engagement and interaction with the media and policy makers, building the potential impact of their research

Now in its second year, Welsh Crucible, is run by the five Welsh Universities of the St David's Day Group, which includes Cardiff. Many of last year's participants are now developing interdisciplinary research projects as a result of taking part in the programme.

Chair of the Welsh Crucible Steering Group, Professor Peter Halligan, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies at Cardiff, said: "The Welsh Crucible benefits researchers, their employers and the nation as a whole. We are looking for talented people with an interest in building new collaborations and with a commitment to Wales. Last year's Welsh Crucible built some very promising partnerships and some of the researchers say their participation has helped them achieve recent grant funding success. We expect this year's Crucible to be just as productive."

Applicants for Welsh Crucible must have at least three years' postdoctoral research experience or equivalent. They can be working in any discipline, including science, technology, engineering, medicine, arts, design, social and political science. Participants must work in Wales, either at a St David's Day university (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Glamorgan or Swansea) or in research and development in business, industry or the public sector.

Further information on applying can be found at or by contacting Dr Sara Williams, Training and Development Manager (Research), Cardiff University 029 208 79010 or

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