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University highlights support for vulnerable students

19 January 2017

Widening Participation

Assembly Members and representatives from charities and support networks have heard first-hand how the University’s support for vulnerable groups is strengthening its commitment to widen participation to higher education.

At an information event in Cardiff Bay, those working with care leavers, estranged students and young carers came together to hear more about the breadth of the University’s assistance for vulnerable students, which also extends to supporting asylum seekers and forces veterans seeking to return to work or study.

Recognising students from vulnerable groups can face a number of obstacles to succeeding in higher education, the University has put in place a targeted programme of support for those students facing particular challenges during their time in higher education.

This includes advice and guidance services on overcoming financial hardship, coping or coming to terms with life changing experiences or trauma, and managing the demands of full time education alongside additional responsibilities.

Speaking ahead of the event, Professor Amanda Coffey, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience and Academic Standards, said: “I am immensely proud of the University’s track record in providing life changing opportunities for students regardless of their background. We want all of our students – no matter what their personal circumstances - to leave university as confident and ambitious graduates, ready to take the next step into the wider world. By reaching out to the wider community and working collaboratively, we can ensure that the assistance we offer continues to best support those who need it the most.”

Cardiff has a strong track record in helping students to overcome barriers to higher education. Working with more than 100 schools and colleges in disadvantaged areas across Wales, the University helps young people less likely to attend university to gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed. This is coupled with meaningful support for students during their time at Cardiff to help ensure that their educational experience is as rich and fulfilling as any other.

The event was sponsored by Assembly Member for Caerphilly, Hefin David.

Find out more about the University’s support for students from vulnerable groups.

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