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Hadyn Ellis Building takes shape

12 January 2012

Hadyn Ellis building
The new Hadyn Ellis building is just one of the major developments.

Construction of the University's Hadyn Ellis Building is making significant progress at the Maindy Park site.

BAM Construction began work last September in creating the foundations of the building, which will house advanced facilities for some of the University's leading research teams.

BAM commenced work on the substructures in October and now has installed two saddle jib cranes, allowing the contractor to put up the reinforced concrete frame over the winter months. Cladding work on the building should start in March.

BAM Project Manager Justin Price said: 'People walking past the site will notice rapid progress now that we are onto the frame. Building commenced with the 'invisible works' – groundwork and foundation works which are critical to the project but don't appear over the top of our green and orange hoardings. That will now change rapidly as BAM deploys the two tower cranes, one 35m high and the other 45m high allowing us to put the frame up in around 14 weeks.'

Professor Tim Wess, the University's Pro Vice-Chancellor for Estates, said: "The University is extremely pleased to see the progress being made by BAM on the construction of the new Hadyn Ellis Building at its Maindy Park campus . This is a landmark project for the research campus we are planning at Maindy Park.

The new building will house state-of-the-art facilities for University research which benefits the wider community, particularly in the fights against cancer and brain diseases."

BAM, which has offices on Newport Road, says that the peak number of staff on site while the frame is erected will be around 50, all of them coming from South Wales.

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