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Championing Welsh

10 January 2017

Student ambassadors

Cardiff University students have been recruited ambassadors by Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol with the aim of encouraging more prospective students to study part of their degree courses through Welsh.

The ambassadors, located at seven universities across Wales including Cardiff University, will start this month and be responsible for completing various tasks throughout the year.

Their main role will be to persuade school pupils to follow part of their university studies through Welsh and present the advantages of studying through the language.

They will represent the Coleg Cymraeg at school visits, UCAS fairs and Eisteddfodau as well as record their experiences in a brand new blog.

The blog ‘Llais y Llysgennad’ will give a snapshot of their lives through pictures and videos.

Cardiff University Law student, Gwenllian Mair Jones, was one of the first to post on the blog. She was delighted to have the opportunity to study through the medium of Welsh in the capital after leaving Ysgol Gyfun y Strade.

“I'm very proud of the language, and as I have received my education through the medium of Welsh up until now, it was a natural step for me to study the degree subject through the medium of Welsh."

Gwenllian Mair Jones Cardiff University Law student

Gwenllian said: “Being able to access a subject in two languages makes learning easier. I would like to continue to live in Wales in the future and the ability to work in Welsh should be beneficial.”

The ambassadors will also have to familiarise themselves with the Coleg Cymraeg Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme and speak about the opportunities that studying through the medium of Welsh provides.

The Coleg Cymraeg blog can be found here.

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