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Wesleyan RSM Trainee of the year

12 December 2016

Dr Zahra Ahmed

Dr Zahra Ahmed from the School of Medicine has been named the Wesleyan RSM Trainee of the Year 2016 for her research involving the screening of over 3,700 drug compounds to identify that Flubendazole, a drug used to control human and animal worm infections, could be re-purposed for use in disease treatment or prevention in conditions including HIV.

Dr Ahmed said: “It was an honour to be shortlisted for the award by the Royal Society of Medicine and to win the award itself was extremely gratifying and humbling. The presence of so many esteemed individuals at such awards does much to encourage, guide and advance the thinking of younger generations of doctors starting out on their careers.”

RSM President Mr Babulal Sethia said: “This was a fabulous evening of presentations and the quality was outstanding, particularly from our winner, Zahra Ahmed.”

Wesleyan’s Head of Medical (South) Simon Rake said: “Wesleyan is proud to support this prestigious event which recognises the best trainee doctors who put so much hard work into their research. The quality of entries was, once again, very high. Congratulations to all of the finalists from all at Wesleyan.”

The Royal Society of Medicine awards 70 prizes with a combined value of £60,000 to students and trainees each year.

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