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Water Research Institute Inaugural Seminar for Early-Careers

7 December 2016

Hands holding ring of water
Hands holding ring of water

The Water Research Institute inaugural seminar took place at Cardiff School of Biosciences on Tuesday, 22 November 2016.

This was the first of a series of seminars that aim at informing students about potential career paths that they could follow after their studies. For each seminar, two speakers, working in academia, industry or governance, share their experiences.

While most of the speakers work on water-related topics, their presentations aim at providing useful tips and advice to every student.

This first seminar started with a presentation by Professor Roger Falconer, professor of water management at Cardiff University, who talked about his background and his current projects.

His talk was then followed by a presentation from Dr Ehsan Forootan, lecturer in Geoinformatics at Cardiff University. Dr Forootan shared what he learnt while being a PhD student, a postdoctoral student and a lecturer, in the UK and abroad.

Both speakers gave students specific recommendations on how to build a successful academic career.

The presentations were followed by question and answer sessions and discussions. Lunch was provided at the end of seminar to allow further discussion between students.

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