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From Russia, with learning

21 October 2016

Russian Building

Leading historians and linguists from Russia are to make their first exchange visit to Wales and Cardiff University as part of the Erasmus Plus International Credit Mobility scheme this month.

In the exchange between capitals, visiting academics from the State Academic University for the Humanities will deliver a series of six tutorials and lectures stretching from ancient and medieval history to modern times, shining fresh light on common themes across British, European and Russian history.

The first exchange of its kind between Russia and Wales brings experts to deliver teaching to students in both countries in four week-long visits across 2016-2017. Academics will switch capitals again in 2017, when experts in the 1917 revolutions will give lectures to Cardiff University students as part of events across the capital marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Historians from Cardiff will make their final visit before June 2017.

Organiser of the exchange, Lecturer in Modern European History Dr James Ryan, of the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, said: “After such a warm welcome to Moscow earlier this year, it’s a delight to be hosting illustrious scholars during #WeAreInternational World Week when universities across the UK are celebrating their international links..."

"Our students are looking forward to hearing different perspectives on a broad range of historical issues. It is particularly appropriate that this exchange agreement will coincide with preparations to mark the centenary of the Russian revolutions of 1917, and with a variety of events planned to take place in Cardiff during the coming months to mark the revolutionary anniversary.”

Dr James Ryan Senior Lecturer in Modern European (Russian) History (Study Leave 2022/3)

Visiting scholars are Professor Sergei Karpyuk (Senior Researcher in the Institute of World History), Dr Anna Anisimova (Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Medieval Studies and Early Modern History), Dr Denis Fomin-Nilov (Reader in History and Acting Rector of GAUGN), Dr Anastasia Maier (Reader in History and Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of World History), Dr Natalia Gladysheva (Associate Professor of English) and Dr Evgeniiya Prusskaia (Lecturer and Research Fellow).

As part of the exchange ‘The Russian and Soviet academic tradition in foreign language teaching at university’ will be the subject of a special lecture by Associate Professor of English Dr Natalia Gladysheva. Visiting experts will also speak as part of the University’s regular seminar series, bringing leading scholars to Wales to share latest research.

Touring the iconic landmarks of the city during the visit, the Moscow contingent will be welcomed formally to the Welsh capital at a reception in the University’s historic Main Building at the start of their stay on 24 October.

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