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Spin-out taps global market

21 October 2016

Alesi Surgical

A Cardiff University spin-out that makes surgical equipment has had the go-ahead to tap into a global market estimated to be worth £650 million per year.

Alesi Surgical’s adaptation of its groundbreaking Ultravision™ product - the “Ultravision™ Trocar” - has been awarded the CE mark, enabling the company to enter the lucrative trocar market.

Trocars are pen-like access devices used in over seven million abdominal keyhole procedures performed annually, worldwide.

Each of these laparoscopic procedure uses up to five trocars to provide access to the abdomen.

Ultravision™ originally launched in 2014 as the world’s first device for actively clearing vapour and particulate matter generated by modern surgical instruments inside patients during laparoscopic surgery without the need for filtration – a notoriously slow and inefficient process offered by other available technologies.

Ultravision™ enables surgeons to operate with uninterrupted clear vision during each procedure, reducing risk to the patient and surgery time.

Dr Dominic Griffiths, Managing Director of Alesi Surgical, said: “We have come up with something that is an all-in-one solution for surgeons,” said Dr Griffiths. “By integrating Ultravision™ into a high-quality trocar, we are making the process of clearing smoke even easier for surgical teams. We have been overwhelmed by positive clinical feedback in early use and look forward to offering it through our direct sales team in the UK and through our distribution partners worldwide.”

Already in use in hospitals in Wales and England, Ultravision™ Trocar will be marketed in the UK before being rolled out more widely.

“The CE mark opens up far more opportunities in terms of global sales,” explained Dr Griffiths, “The Ultravision™ Trocar is universally applicable, from the simplest to the most complex laparoscopic procedure. We’re confident that surgeons everywhere – some of whom have worked very closely with us to design the product - will soon consider this to be a must-have device.”

Robyn Davies, Manager at Cardiff Medicentre, said, “Alesi is proof that the life sciences are alive and kicking here in Wales. The team’s impressive scientific and business acumen stands it in great stead to convert a unique idea into far-reaching clinical and commercial benefits. Cardiff Medicentre is proud to be supporting Alesi.”

Alesi Surgical – based at Cardiff Medicentre - was founded in 2009 as a spin-out from the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT), part of Cardiff University.

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