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All male panels

29 September 2016

Male Interview Panel

It might seem that equal rights have come a long way, but how far are we from true diversity and equality?

New research by Professor Marysia Zalewski of the School of Law and Politics, published in the International Feminist Journal of Politics broaches the issue of endemic discrimination by looking at the common phenomena of all male panels.

Describing how superficial solutions to this ‘all male’ event, such as the last minute addition of a ‘minority’ into a panel, creates an illusion of diversity, Professor Zalewski tackles the question of how we break the cycle of discrimination.

In her article, Professor Zalewski proposes a radical shake up of the gender order underpinning our institutional practices.

She notes there are many measures in place, such as pay audits and obligatory equality and diversity policies.  These institutionalised equality practices tend to obscure the depth, and even shore up the problem as apparently there is nothing left to complain about, she argues.

“The intention of feminism is hard to maintain especially in the corporate world in which, as academics, we are all embroiled…how prepared are we to know how to say why and to act? Perhaps it is time to become more critically radical (again), and to be more explicit.”

Professor Marysia Zalewski School of Law and Politics

The article, #AllMalePanels … but … but … but … is available to read here.