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Innovators test ways of building better public services

23 September 2016

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New ways of tackling long-standing societal issues in Wales and beyond will be explored at a summit in Cardiff later this month.

Policy makers, public services staff, innovation experts and social scientists are gathering for an Innovation Summit at Venturefest Wales 2016 (28 September).

Delegates will look at ways of solving some of the biggest public service challenges facing Wales, from smoking and obesity to social care and housing.

The Summit, hosted by the Wales Innovation Advisory Council, will hear from innovation experts based in the Public Services Innovation Lab for Wales (Y Lab), a new partnership between Cardiff University and Nesta.

Professor Adam Fletcher, Academic Director of Y Lab said: “It makes sense for the Wales Innovation Advisory Council’s first Innovation Summit to focus on the public sector because this is where the biggest changes need to happen in order to improve people’s lives in Wales.

“Frontline public services staff in Wales are best placed to solve the biggest social problems. They already innovate, but they need more support to do so effectively."

“At the Innovation Summit, Y Lab staff and other experts will showcase examples of how we can support public services staff to generate new ideas to persistent challenges, put the best ideas into practice, and test them.”

Jess Hoare, from Y Lab, who will be speaking at the Summit added: “Innovation in public services is a big issue for Wales. Y Lab aims to enable those working in the public sector to develop the skills and partnerships needed to build models fit for the 21st century.”

The Summit will showcase talks by other leading public sector innovators, and air the findings of research into the possible establishment of a National Innovation Body in Wales.

Venturefest Wales is a free event bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators to share knowledge, networks and ideas. Get more details about the Innovation Summit, and how to register, here.

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