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School awarded £500k research funding

1 September 2016

A joint Cardiff Business School and Cardiff School of Engineering research proposal has been awarded a £500,000 grant.

The funding is being provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Professor Aris Syntetos and Professor Mohamed Naim, from the Logistics and Operations section at Cardiff Business School, joined forces with Dr Ying Liu from the Cardiff School of Engineering to prepare the proposal for research in the area of circular economy.

A circular economy is an industrial economy that produces no waste. In contrast to the linear economy model of make, use and dispose, the circular economy is regenerative, ensuring resources can be recovered and utilised again at the end of their initial life cycle.

The funding will allow for two full-time post-doctoral research assistants to be employed for the project term (two years). These roles will be based within the Business School.

Professor Aris Syntetos said: “This is very exciting news and we are delighted to have received this funding for research in to an underexplored area. We have the opportunity, thanks to the EPSRC grant, to produce real change with implementable, impactful and socially responsible research.

“The proposed research embodies the Public Value ethos of Cardiff Business School.”

The research project will get underway at the beginning of 2017 with recruitment for the two research assistants to begin soon.